Nearly there.

Started by mhaze, October 14, 2021, 09:29:52 AM

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I really like this image very much. It's so pittoresque, and it's fun diving into it.
But I have to say, that at least to me, the tall mountain in the background looks so unnatural, that it catches my eye constantly.
Just a suggestion (and I know, it's a matter of taste, and it's your image of course):
Get rid of that nasty mountain, but keep the mountain range in front of it. I thought, it might look cool, if this range is a bit in the mist, so that it looks a bit further away.
Maybe the whole scene with an overcast sky?

Sorry, if I was critisizing too much. This is your baby of course.


THanks. Hannes, every picture has a thousand variations! I was after an epic rather than realistic image. Though, the mountains of S. America have the same sort of dramatic impact.

Jo Kariboo

I prefer the final version ! A type of image that transports us to the world of fairy tales and the Middle Ages.


Thank you! That's what I was aiming for.


Wow, Breathtaking! Fantastic job.
The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


It almost looks like you were going after a book cover illustration sorts. It's a nice job!


Wow! Great job man! This looks picture perfect.
The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


Love the view looking down into the valley and the path is just awesome ! Great composition !