Unfinished animation project

Started by Kadri, October 25, 2021, 12:37:35 PM

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Another project that was sitting on my hard drive. Wanted to share here.
There are parts that was supposed to be finished later as you see.
Music is just a placeholder.

(Onedrive link to the 44 Mb video)


Wow! That was sure cool to watch! Great work on this.


Really cool indeed!  I love the shifting light and shadow off the rings!  The crashed spaceship things look really nice also.  How long did that take to render?


Holy moly! Indeed cool, Kadri!! Very calm and fascinating to see the ring's shadow in the atmosphere.


Why can't I see this? The file asked for a codec for $0.99 :(


??? Strange. I clicked on "show original", and there it was.


Not for me. Some codec missing.


Did you try to download it, or did you try to watch it online?


I clicked on the link and just hit "show original". And that was it.Onedrive.jpg


Thanks all.

Quote from: aknight0 on October 26, 2021, 01:06:30 AM... How long did that take to render?
Around 2 months or so.

Quote from: Dune on October 26, 2021, 02:35:00 AMNot for me. Some codec missing.

I use mostly VLC player. Do you have tried with it? I used the basic Nvidia H265 codec for this.
So it should play in theory with every player that supports H265.

I can make a H264 version too if this doesn't help Ulco.


I did both, Hannes. Both didn't work in the win 10 Movies app.

Don't put any time in that, Kadri. I'll try VLC, just have to install it again...

Just did that. What a wonderful animation! I love the play of the sun across the land and the craft. Awesome!


Another really great and beautiful Masterpiece, Kadri!
I'd be curious about the rendertimes too ;)  I guess that was not a one-weekend-job :)

At the moment some browsers and websites seem in fact to be a bit buggy. I couldn'd watch it in the edge browser as usual. But the download worked.
This forum also only works on my firefox. In the edgebrowser I can't login... strange...



It took around 2 months or so Nils.

There are some parts that i crop rendered to get less flicker and popups (the big wreck parts especially).
But i haven't comped them together. For still images these are no problems in general.
But it takes too long to get flicker free-error free animations.
These are some of the things that gets me frustrated after a while and i loss the will to finish it.