Moon lighting model? Night time mode?

Started by pixelsmack, November 19, 2021, 04:59:30 PM

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Is there a way to get moon lighting? Starlight? Some third party script or any of you have any tricks? Once the "sun goes down" everything pretty much goes black. I've done my own cheats using other lights but anytime I try to use any visible atmosphere or sky it is too much in the orange/yellow. Ruining the "night look" for the clouds and what little of the sky we can see. Be great to just have a "Moon" along with our "Sun."

Thank you for your time.


For moonlight I'd dial down the sun strength, and use ambient occlusion for starters. Usually shadows are much darker, so I'd also dial down the amount of ambient occlusion on surfaces, and perhaps in atmo too.
The main problem would be the colors of the terrain and objects, as your eyes won't see much color in darkness, so everything should be a lot blue-greyer. That would mainly need to be postwork.


One quick trick is to set the atmosphere ozone factor to around 25.  That will give you something like this:

Kevin Kipper

Don't forget, you can also increase the camera's exposure.  So try lowering the sun below the horizon, which results in "black", but then increasing the camera exposure to bring back details.


We need a specific shader for moons, that allows reflection of sunlight onto the planet in a strong fashion. The issue with nighttime is I have yet to see someone create one that actually looks like moonlight, or night. To many tricks. setting colours, etc, and it always comes out funky.