GPU vs CPU Rendering?

Started by masonspappy, November 19, 2021, 05:12:45 pm

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In the past there were a few discussions of Terragen being able to use GPU rendering in addition to CPU rendering. Does anyone know if GPU rendering for TG will ever be implemented?


I thought something was being worked on for accelerating renders via the GPU (off-loading certain tasks) but I don't think TG will become fully GPU driven. GPU driver compatibility/etc for a full render engine, I imagine would be a helluva lot to maintain as one person. I mean Blender is just now getting AMD support decades later, and only for latest series of RDNA2 cards.


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:) :) :)  if indeed. That would be great news!



I sure hope atmospherics is the first thing to benefit. That would make stuff sooooo much faster.


If Matt can pull off something like NDunes does - even with less quality - it would be an amazing new feature, and open doors for much faster animations. I'd sacrifice sharpness/detail for good lighting (like PT), as frames usually blur into eachother anyway. If you look at the enormous speed of GPU rendering in NDunes; just a few seconds for a screensize frame, well......


Yeah, and it even runs pretty darn well even on my RX 580 even though it's below spec (though wasn't for beta, but I guess they want to ensure quality and review)


Hello, the GPU rendering for TG will certainly be implemented someday, but unfortunately it is not known when it will happen as soon as possible because I am also waiting for it, let them give information as soon as possible.


Not that it needs any more encouragement but GPU rendering could be perfect for something which is basically all procedural. 

I've used VRay GPU extensively for volumetric rendering and we're talking an order of magnitude faster. 2K and 4K frames of volumes can be rendered across a bunch of 30xx nvidia cards in a production environment - something that cpu based needed external render farms.

So i am all for GPU - even if it only supported nvidia/RTX cards to start with