What do you see?

Started by WAS, December 02, 2021, 06:11:14 PM

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Cool!!! I think, the structures are a bit too complex to say what I see in these shapes. Maybe a bit simpler, and the Rorschach-test might work.


Yeah it's a bit chaotic. I tried simplifying it but needs a little more refinement I think. May set up a 1300 frame pass to get a full minute of footage at 21 fps instead of 10 fps.




I forgot to comment. I like this. Different things like this made in Terragen are always interesting.


Thank you!

One thing I gotta figure out is why the animation stops and goes it seems like in pulses. Animations aren't linear but all 4D noise is same setting of 1. But you'd think the animation curve would only be effecting the first and last frames.


As my generation would have said - far out, man! Groovy!