WInd Chimes (Make sure volumn is turned on)

Started by masonspappy, December 03, 2021, 10:36:51 PM

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Been working on this for a couple of weeks. Making much greater use of xFrog plants this time around. All objects created in Blender. Animation created in Blender , then comped together with a Terragen image.  As always C&C's encouraged and appreciated.


Fascinating, and very subtle with the flowers also moving. For C&C I'd say move the camera a bit, very slowly, and/or some more plants/trees/grass also moving. Or a kid standing under the chimes and looking up to it (perhaps also with a slight move ). But that's asking a lot ;)


Nice and peaceful. Great work on this! I think the background trees could have a mesh deformation wind effect easy enough so it's not so much work, since they're further away.