how do you set terragen on dark interface?

Started by Nala1977, December 09, 2021, 03:33:05 PM

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hey guys just saw this video, how do you get terragen to have a dark interface?


I believe that's just Terragen running on a different OS shell. Probably WindowBlinds or something. Terragen uses windows window class styles to theme itself, so if those styles are altered, so is Terragen. I haven't tried it myself but I'm sure one of the dark themes for WindowsBlinds or another OS theme system would work.


I use WindowBlinds and below is what I get with the theme I'm using. Not perfect, but much easier on the eye than the default. It would be nice to have the dark theme displayed in the previous post, but I get the impression that kind of interface change won't be available till Terragen 5 arrives.

On a side note, some apps don't play nice with WindowBlinds and I had trouble loading Gaea, till I realised I had to exclude it from the WindowBlinds theme.


There are lots of windowsblinds themes, some theme buttons, some don't (like the one you are using). And yeah it makes sense some apps would have issues as windows shell is split up now. Some things running on old shell that's been around since NT, and newer stuff on the windows 8 shell. It was much better software for Windows 7.