Desert planet animated

Started by Hannes, January 12, 2022, 07:42:38 AM

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Here is the animated version of my Desert Planet image.
The ship's dust cloud could be better, but there's no convenient way yet to easily preview an animated cloud's movement. It's quite time consuming to render out the whole cloud movement each and every time, even when all other stuff is temporarily disabled, and then realizing that it's still not quite right. And I mentioned it before: a particle system that can be used with clouds would be fantastic!!! ;)

Each soldier is a one instance population with differently offsetted object sequence looping. Each population has "Repopulate every frame" checked, so that the soldiers are always on the ground.


This unbelievably good! I love it. A truly satisfactory endevour, I would think. The guys walk incredibly believable, and the dust is great, especially the way it 'explodes' under the craft.



Really cool, and great sense of scale!


That looks awesome! I too really like the dust! I wonder if you could get more "thrust" influence by mixing in the same noise, but this one warped heavily by SSS shape to bring in some sinus shapes. Have it slowly ramp up amplitude as it gets closer to the ground. Mix by add multiplied maybe.


Great ideas! I will try something like that eventually.



i am late to the party but I agree


how long did it take you to do that?


Actually I don't know at the moment. I'm in Greece right now, but I'll check that, when I'm home. 


are getting us take out food?