A stroll in the hills

Started by Dune, January 12, 2022, 11:03:10 AM

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Snow test, once again.


Whoa, that looks amazing!!! Massive!
Great sense of scale!!


Very nice work! I love how small this makes me feel.
The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


This is really cool. People are a nice touch.

What I've been trying to figure out, is use that Volcano example Daniil shared for doing lava, except for glaciers! Seems like a great idea just couldn't get it to work this morning.




While casually strolling about, the couple ended up at another breathtaking vista.


Actually I have to say, that I prefer the first image. The second one looks good, but doesn't have the same sense of scale.
And somehow the snow on the mountain reminds me of a big pile of whipped cream, but that's maybe I didn't have breakfast yet... ;)


Interesting, whipped cream for breakfast  ;D
Actually I tried to give the snowy tops a windblown look, like wind is sculpting it. And did you notice the two people for scale? I did like the former, but found the snowy top a bit boringly simple.


First of all, whipped cream is not part of my favourite breakfast! ;)  But when I'm hungry, I see food in almost all images...

But back to the subject. I didn't express myself correctly. It's not really the sense of scale, I'm missing, but maybe the details in the rock surface. Especially in the foreground (where I just spotted the two climbers) I have the impression, that in the fractal of the displacements there are some more noise octaves missing.
Anyway the vista is fantastic and so is the lighting.



I wouldn't have thought so ;D

Yeah, the front rock a bit bland, but it was actually just a test for the snow pile-up. I just didn't add anymore displacements.


Are the front rocks stacked cubes? That's very close to the look that I was striving for several months ago, but I could not come up with anything remotely resembling it.

I'm terrible at rocks. :P


No, just simple outcrops after compute with a set of very big fake stones and a mix of image maps to further displace, masked by the inverse snow areas of course.


Quote from: Hannes on January 14, 2022, 04:17:38 AM;)  But when I'm hungry, I see food in almost all images...

My Heart doctor put me on a diet. Now I notice my cloud renders remind me of hambugers and mashed potatoes. :o