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Started by WAS, August 07, 2021, 07:51:25 PM

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I got real tired of having to set up a scene for space stuff, so I made a default project to use for a while since that's what I'm mostly doing. Thought I'd share. 

Doesn't come with the stars, that's a WIP star generator I'm still meh about. Not ready to share it.


Though I hardly ever do space, and for that rare event not too much work to set up, it's always interesting to have at hand. Thanks Jordan.


Dialing in haze settings and starburst settings all the time is annoying. I had them actually written in a txt doc on my desktop but cleared all the junk icons and didn't notice I had it selected among them, so was having issues on that Nu2 Lupi project. Took like 12 spot renders, and also a "what?" moment that took a bit. Atmosphere receives far less atmo bloom and starburst than cloud hazes do.

Ariel DK

Thx! This will be useful in the future, as im used to go to space   ::)
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


Nice starter.... THX



Think I've been doing that for over like a decade, heck longer if we count photoshop (since I was like 10-11) and spherize a circle into a planet (cloud textures gradient mapped into continents and oceans) and noise stars. :P