Sedona Az type dirt and rocks

Started by pclavett, January 23, 2022, 10:50:08 AM

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Hi Guys ! Not very consistent with my presence here but the pandemic lockdowns here in NB Canada are driving me back into the software.... to maintain a bit of sanity ! I have a work in progress for a Sedona Az type terrain and have been working on the soil for the past day. I have taken so much from this Sharing Forum that it is time to give back a bit ! Here are the images (with #9) of the TGC from 10M up and from 2M up. The Mask for the larger stones is off on these images and when turned on gives the images with #8 are similar perspectives from 9M and 2M. With the Mask giving variable shades of grey.....the large stone displacement is driven down in places and gives the appearance of spots of hard relatively polished stone.....frequently seen in Sedona. Hope it may be of use to some of you. I used an image map for color and it is included. Take care ! Paul


Thanks for the awesome share! Working on a canyon in this sort of colour set, so it may work good for it.


After trying the file in a landscape, noticed some rocks that looked like pointy pyramids. After several trials, noted that this was due to a PF inserted before the FakeStones, after the colouring. Removing this removed the pointy artifacts, and various changes in the displacement of the PF failed to prevent these except when toned down to almost nothing, at which time, it had no effect on the stone texture, that looked rather artificial, polished and unnatural. I decided to introduce these texture displacement nodes after the merging of the stones (only on the large ones) and obtained the TGC noted "REFINED". This was better but again, a bit of texturing needed for these stones and therefore added a Redirect node and obtained "REFINED2". That seems to be by far my best attempt as seen in the images of the closeup view (2M) and the 5M view. Hope you can use these clips and take care !!! Paul



Very good and usefull surface, THX !



They look good, Paul! It sometimes also helps to get more definition in stones texture when using a tex coordinates shader after the first displacements, and before subsequent texturing, but it sometimes also messes up stuff, so needs experimentation.