Colour Adjusting via Functions with No Clamp

Started by WAS, March 11, 2022, 12:02:46 AM

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I can't seem to find a solution for colour adjusting (like the colour adjust shader) without clamping via functions. How would this be done? All the function methods are based on min/max values that clamp at those levels.

If that is a no without formulas, I suggest that the colour adjust shader allow for a Black Point, White Point, and Gamma inputs for scalars. Maybe even just a vector input since we visualize the settings as a vector in docu; X = BP, Y = WP, Z = Gamma.

Also, I am curious what the second slider is in the colour adjusts for BP and WP? It seems to only ever be whatever the main slider value is so wondering what use it is. I don't see them specifically gone over in the docu.

Kevin Kipper


Oi. I remember this now. :o Thanks Kevin.  That makes sense.