Global Ocean and Waves Rig ( 2022 )

Started by WAS, March 17, 2022, 12:31:59 AM

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Alright. After making a ridiculous version, I remade it to be far more friendly and have come up with a wave and ocean rig.

I wasn't able to render a preview, but it's relatively the same as images I've shared already, with added features like wave curl in heavy lean areas. If someone else wants to upload a preview or share a work they use it in, that'd be great. Because I'm done with this for now. :P

  • Import Ocean Rig Plus Waves TGC
  • Connect your Compute Terrain or underlying terrain shader into Waves Terrain Input
  • Click Ocean and Wave Settings bookmark to open the settings group.
  • Edit Water Level, Wave Scale Multiplier and other settings to your liking.
  • Profit or whatever the saying is.

Features Include:
  • Wave Sinus Scale
  • Wave Sinus Frequency
  • Wave Distribution
  • Wave Wake Foam Breakup
  • Foam Warp by Wave
  • Wave Warping (More aggressive away from shore to prevent clipping issues)
  • Wave Peak Wake
  • Terrain Downstream Smoothing (For more subtle rolling waves)
  • Wave Displacement Lean (X or Z)
  • Wave Curl Displacement (curl edges down that exceed wave profile boundary)
  • Definable Boundary from Shore
  • Adjustable Water Level
  • Shore level offset (for possible clipping issues)
  • Adjustable Wave and Peak Masks
  • Easy plugin inputs for custom Foam Shader, Foam Texture or Wave Distribution
  • Debug
    • Solid Water Surface
    • Disable wave displacement

  • Quality settings should probably be high to avoid artefacts. Especially if you have lean amplitude applied, and curl amplitude applied (not 0).
  • Leaning may cause random tears in water displacement. Not sure what to do about that.
  • Steep terrain will create sinus waves that are closer together than more subtle slopes. This can be adjusted with the wave scale.


Cool! Let's have a look. Thanks very much Jordan!

I was just thinking this morning about the little smooth step I yesterday altered the extra value in (both); that gives a hard edge slightly up the coast, but if you want that just a wee bit soft (like foam spilling over sandy beach), you'd have to make a minute difference, add 0.01-0.005 or so to the upper step.


Holy cow, you really dug into that!! I'll test that asap! Thanks a lot, Jordan!


Starting to think the water transition from smooth to rough needs it's own boundary controller, so you can push rough water further out than the wave areas for a nice transition.


This V2 has custom boundary for rough ocean displacement.