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Started by Hannes, March 18, 2022, 06:09:50 AM

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Has anyone of you experienced this? When I open the TG forum on my mobile phone, the text of (only some) threads is vertical (see attached images) depending on the orientation of my phone.
It doesn't happen on my desktop PC. I didn't find anything about this issue on the web. I'm using Samsung Internet, and it happened the first time after the forum had been updated. So, since it only happens here, I'm not sure, if it's a forum bug or something with the browser.


Yes, I get that occasionally, I'm on Samsung also.


Yeah I get it as well on Samsung S21 Ultra. I think the min-width classes got screwed up somehow. I can check the exact issue when I get on PC and offer a solution for the team. 


Quote from: WAS on March 18, 2022, 12:56:54 PMI can check the exact issue when I get on PC and offer a solution for the team. 
That would be great! Thanks!


Interesting. I can't reproduce this with any [desktop] browsers mobile emulation (for development). It's literally unique to actual mobile web browsers. I've never used developer tools on Android so I'll see if i can figure this out.

One thing that would probably fix it, regardless though, is adding a minimum width. So it can never get smaller than say 320px (which should fit within 360px width of small resolution phones). 100% may work as well, but sometimes containers are dynamic and 100% will push those containers off screen.

@Matt if you can try adding a min-width to either .bbc_standard_quote or blockquote classes. Blockquote may be more appropriate as it bay me used for other stuff like code brackets or what not.

You could also track down all the min resolution classes and see what it's doing to the .blockquote or .bbc_standard_quote and adjust accordingly, but since it doesn't seem to be using min-width at all, that may be the best fit for a global fix.

Also just noticed in the screenshots on the dark theme it's doing it to posts too, not just quotes. I am not seeing that on the light theme, just quotes. So may be more elements that need a min width that are for some reason being scrunched.

Colby Glover

Yes, I use my iphone and sometimes it happens, but when i rotate the phone horizontally, it's fine. blockpost


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Might be spam,  but rotating the phone horizontally shows at least single words and not only letters.