Rock study v3 animation test

Started by Kadri, March 21, 2022, 08:26:47 AM

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Don't do this guys :)

I will share this scene or a similar one (with another different render i made before) later.
But i haven't exhausted some possibilities and things i have in my mind so it might take a while guys.


Take your time. 
(Can't wait!!!)  ;D ;D ;D


I tried to play around with a cube. Until i rotate the cube there is no displacement with strata (powerfractals too).
And even then it looks wonky as with every parameter of rotate some parts gets displaced and looks wrong to me.
Is this a bug? Somehow it reminded me about the population rotation bug (is it still around?)...

Can anybody confirm this?


I know that the cube has the edge radius, which needs to be adjusted relative to both scale and displacement. But I notice the XYZ coordinates of this area are just wonky in general, and I'm not as pleased with the results. I'd probably be easier to use sphere. But with strata, it always wants to follow the normal, lateral wise, so not really helpful for both cubes and spheres. Tough I am sure you can use like the terracing function and base it off of finals and Y to get the desires effects, well, similar at least.



Yes the edges of a cube are problematic after a certain displacement amount.
Or better said it is tolerable to a certain degree.
With masking, restricting it can be manageable depending on the scene of course.

In this scene you can see those edges when you know what you are looking for:,26357.msg262446.html#msg262446
But it is kinda ok there. To me at least. Better options would be great of course.