Please use the wiki for all new content

Started by Oshyan, July 15, 2012, 10:08:20 PM

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Now that we have a user-editable wiki, please make use of that system for creating any new tutorials. You may link to your wiki content here as a reference. The wiki can be found here:

Your forum login and password should work to access the wiki.

The long-term goal is to move all content that is here in the forums into the wiki, so if you have previously created a tutorial in the forums, please transfer it to the wiki when you can.

- Oshyan

Andrew March

Problem is many of the user contributed tutorials on the wiki page lead to blank pages!

as an example, the making of wilderness.


Then the links should be updated or removed. The wiki is user-editable for exactly these kinds of needs. If you find something that needs fixing, please take a moment and do so. Much appreciated. :)

- Oshyan

Andrew March

Cool, didn't know I could edit the content.

Thanks for the heads up.



I have for the first time checked out the wiki and it looks quite good. I also understand that all the guides must have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of man hours.
But wouldn't the wiki benefit from having a part for beginners, one for advanced and one for masters?

Everyone that use TG2 knows about the steep learning curve but a beginner doesn't. And starting to read the wiki as a beginner can't be fun.

Just a thought.

Kind regards