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Started by WAS, April 07, 2022, 08:33:00 PM

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Quote from: WAS on April 11, 2022, 11:54:33 AM
Quote from: Hannes on April 10, 2022, 01:06:25 PMDon't know much about Blender, but this building looks awesome! I hope you'll get it UVed!

Everyone's advice on Blender was just to use "Generated" space, which is like our texture space. So I guess I'll be just texturing in Terragen if I end up using it. The only other way is to export, and import, and than UV the solid object, but I also won't have special date needed to slice it all without dealing with all the complicated geometry, so would have to manually slice everything.

I think all Blender needs is a "Recalculate UV" node for geometry. As it'll pass individual instance UV to the instancer, but then all the procedural scaling effects the UV scales, so noise looks different between each object part. So if we could just re-do UV, whether Box, SmartUV, or whatever, it would fix this issue, as the UV would be done for the new scale of the object
WAS can you inbox me, I may be able to help you, will take too much space on here


Still working on asset ideas.

A ship which uses a sun like singularity for its power source, engines, and weaponry.

Forgot to mention I plan taller city like structures for the top.



Some progress. Still got figure out some better texturing. May just do it in TG since I am more familiar with warping here than in blender, which is just always warping texture space before a noise shader, which always yields similar results.


Great idea indeed. Looks very interesting.


Kinda meh on my idea. Other assets are not coming along like I'd hope. And the main suacer was just massive. Was over 5gb at first, so I couldn't even open it anywhere to clean it up. Meshlab just crashed, and Blender couldn't even reopen it (somehow 5gb turning into over 20gb consumed).

Finally lowered the density of all the instances, got rid of the main city tower, and was able to get a 1.88gb file, which I was able to further reduce to 650mb, but it lost a lot of computed normal information, and boxes look weirdly convexed with TG computing the normals. So specular highlights look like weird ribbons popping out.

Also really dislike how TG handles emission. I blender you can ramp of emission and it's just brighter colours that you chose, but in TG, the colours blow out and go white with higher intensities. So you gotta use two objects, but even then, to get the colour I want, WITH SOLID REDS, at the intensity I need, it's just bright yellow-orange. :( Unless I'm actually trying to simulate colours blowing out like this, it's kinda just wrong to default too. I dunno.

May end up doing this project in Blender. Cause not having the brooding blooms I envisioned kinda ruins the whole mood of the scene.


Kinda like what you've generated so far.

Jo Kariboo

This is definitely the most creative image submitted for this contest so far.


Nice idea to make text white ;D


:P Is this the equivalent of "don't quote me" but they're the only person to quote? lol

Jo Kariboo

Ouan... don't look for intention in the colors of my texts. I still use google translator and copy paste it...for some time the text comes out black, I changed it here to white. By the end of the year I should find the trick.