My original account password is lost, and the mailbox recorded by the server is

Started by gao_jian111, June 16, 2022, 12:05:50 PM

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My original account is gao_jian11, I want to re-register this gao_jian111 account, otherwise I will not be able to speak, the original forum password and homepage password are lost, when I retrieve my email, it seems that the forum has changed the server. The server records the Yahoo mailbox I originally signed up with, and Yahoo has stopped serving my location for over a decade. The server seems to have lost my modified mailbox. I once sent you an email to reflect this but got no response.
I've been unable to log into the homepage and forums, but luckily my renewals are paid automatically.
The email I used before is, and the paid paypal email is
How do I recover my account?


Kevin Kipper:
Thanks for your quick reply!
But I still can't log in with your new password. Password error is displayed. I get an error email that automatically changes my password, but when I try to change my password via email, it still reminds me that my email is incorrect.
Hope to continue to get your help.


Kevin Kipper: Thank you very much, the login is normal, thank you. I found out that the email address in the message is correct, but I don't know why it is wrong to retrieve the password. Fortunately, I have you, thank you again!