Spherical Render Tearing

Started by denders, July 26, 2022, 09:25:11 PM

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Anyone have suggestions what might be causing the 'tearing' in my spherical render? This is just a section of it. The scene includes water and clouds. The whole render is 3000 x 1500.

Thank you.



your camera is inside the terrain

raise your camera up

you are inside a mountain or hill


Indeed. If you see a red symbol next to your preview window (see attached image), it shows, you're inside the terrain. But it doesn't show up, when you're under water.


So, even if I'm doing a spherical render, my camera needs to be above the water level? (As noted above, the picture is just a section of the spherical render.)

There wasn't a red symbol to indicate that I was below water/ground.

I'll move the spherical camera above water level and do another render.



Okay, well, I elevated the spherical camera above the water level and the render is okay.

The reason I thought it was some sort of problem was, 1. No red symbol indicating 'below surface', 2. Sometimes the preview render did not show the 'tearing', other times it did.

Thank you folks.