Tic-Toc Windows Development

Started by PabloMack, August 16, 2022, 04:40:34 PM

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I once read years ago that Microsoft had two Windows development teams and that they alternated between releases. One team did the Odd Numbered versions and the other did the Even Numbered versions. The Odd Numbered versions were deemed the best and thus that team seemed to put out a higher quality software product. I later read that Microsoft stopped that practice. I have several Windows 7 systems with AMD Piledriver-based processors and one Windows 10 system with a Zen-based AMD 5650x. Windows 10 is definitely a cheezier OS and looks like some kid designed the user interface as compared with Windows 7. I have been doing daily backups of one of my development directories (running on an older Phenom II-based system) that I use most. I have been doing a double backup to two different drives over the network.  I first start one backup by pulling the director from the Windows 10 system. I then start the second redundant backup by pulling it from an 8530 running Windows 7. The Windows 7 system always completes the copy long before the Window 10 system does even though I started it last and the Windows 10 system is much newer and has a faster processor. They are both using 100MB Ethernet ports. I am guessing that Windows 10 has a less efficient implementation. Does anyone care to shed some light on this discrepancy?