Started by Shadow, August 17, 2022, 02:12:03 AM

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I'm rendering exr from terragen from render layers and render elements b'coz i found that's the only way,
but when i'm importing the exr in nuke but im not able to see passes


At the moment, Terragen doesn't save multi-layer EXRs, it saves elements into separate images. They need to be enabled with the "Extra output images" checkbox, and the extra output filename needs to include IMAGETYPE or ${IMAGETYPE}. To render these out, use the "Render All to Disk" button (or "Render Sequence" for a frame range).

Jump to 16:18 in this video:
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Hey is anyone from India, Mumbai who can train us.let me know ASAP

Kevin Kipper

Hi Shadow,

Here's a couple of resources that may help you out:

Render Layers and Render Elements:

Compositing Terragen Render Elements:

Terragen for VFX video tutorial:


@Kevin Kipper , @Matt, we are looking for a professional person who can train us in terragen, if you all can help us it would be a great help or any member from your planet side.