banding in spotlight

Started by Dune, September 10, 2022, 06:54:27 AM

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What can be the problem here? Banding in the spotlight. Everything default, except the beam width.


Hard to tell. Sometimes JPGs have this kind of banding, but I guess this is the pure output? Does PNG have some sort of compression?


Nope, that's why I posted as png. It's already in the tif. But I think I know the culprit; I had glow in atmo checked and that causes the banding. Without, it lights the mist, but without the banding. Strange (bug?) but it's partially solved anyway. Thanks for your reply!


Glow in atmosphere is a beta, this may be the sort of results Matt is after for improvement. 


I don't mean the experimental atmo bloom, but the ordinary glow in atmo in the lighting tabs. Same as in the sun.