Frame Buffer - bug with scaling

Started by pokoy, September 15, 2022, 11:26:36 AM

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Honestly, frame buffer in TG needs some bug fixing, pretty please.

I just canceled a long render because TG's frame buffer was showing pixelation artifacts, only to discover that the image saved to disk had no problems whatsoever...
Not only is the frame buffer generating artifacts at all zoom levels >100% - I guess it's because the render size exceeds the display resolution - on top of that its scaling is wrong. See the attached image comparing how TG's frame buffer and Photoshop displays the same image.

AND another problem - if render size exceeds display resolution, the image CAN'T BE VIEWED at 100 percent. WHY NOT?! I need to be able to judge a render at 100% while it's rendering, especially with big renders, and not being forced to choose between scaling down OR zooming in. Can we please finally have the ability to view an image at actual 100% pixel size regardless of the render size. I've asked for this years ago, it's still not working.

Thank you.