Epic Unreal Engine 5

Started by KlausK, September 29, 2022, 05:45:20 PM

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Yeah, that is a nice one.
There is tons and tons of stuff to get UE up and running.
I found that the tutorials Epic made available saved me the hazzle to find good ones when I started to use it.
Also the documentation for UE5 is really well done I thought.

CHeers, Klaus

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UE is a large, extraordinarily powerful program, that is capable of a wide variety of uses from gaming to commercial presentations and even footage for feature films. And for me, that's the problem. The learning curve is steep and the toolset complex.  For my use: to make cinematics exploring Natural environments; it provides the possibility of endless creativity, but at a large cost of time and study.  It is designed as a Gaming engine meant to run at 30 fps plus with all of the attendant 'tricks' to achieve  high frame rates on Gaming GPU's.  Personally, I found it difficult to manage the 'baking' and the 'LOD's' while learning to utilize 'Blueprints' ( a sort of graphical way to control scene characteristics and behaviors).  Even with the advent of UE5, with the tech miracles of 'Nanite' (converting super high poly objects to  'workable' viewport and render states) and 'Lumen' a realtime GI lighting solution, and much less 'baking', I find actually creating a scene and moving thru it at a quality level still very difficult.  I'm not giving up, but I've had to temper my expectations and take a more gradual approach.  In the meantime there are several other solutions to creating natural environments. It would be nice if TG was on that list, but the lack of public information on what's in store for TG from Planetside is not helpful.