EXR Black. FBX not exporting.

Started by jfitz80, October 28, 2022, 11:02:33 AM

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Hi all,
I followed the YouTube tutorial (Terragen 4 Basics: Exporting Terrain by Terra Tuts) on how to export both an EXR heightmap (using Heightfield generate) and export the terrain as an fbx (using micro exporter). Neither have worked. 
My exr file is empty (it's black and even if I try to fix the exposure etc, it remains black). 
My fbx never exports. It says it's rendering but no file ever appears. I have tried:
- Making sure the detail isn't too high
- Ensuring the bucket size matches the image size
- Unticking the microvertex jittering

I'm starting to worry I have a broken version of Terragen. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I could try? Many thanks!

Kevin Kipper

Hi jfitz80,

Which version of Terragen 4 are you using?  The EXR files and FBX export features are only available in the Professional version of Terragen.