Terragen 4.6.19.frontier (Windows and Linux)

Started by Matt, August 17, 2022, 09:51:43 PM

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There's another Frontier build for Windows and Linux render node. Mac builds will follow soon.

If you have an active license of Terragen 4 Professional or Creative, use the Check for Updates feature in the Windows application to get links to the latest 4.6 builds.

Change log:

QuoteBuild 4.6.19 (Frontier Build)

Windows only: Removed some potentially very slow network queries when the Library contains missing file references with UNC paths.

Improved upon the changes made in 4.6.11 for rendering clouds in the 3D Preview.

Made some slight changes to the multiple scattering engine for Easy Cloud and Cloud Layer V3.

Increased the max ray depth for the GI approximation used in RTP for Planet Atmosphere.

The open file dialog for population caches allows selection of .popxml as well as .pop files.

Fixed a hang that could occur on the Mac when loading heightfields (and possibly other situations).

Updated the About Box link to the Planetside forums.

QuoteBuild 4.6.11 (Frontier Build)

OpenVDB export is available on Windows (previously it was only on Linux). A VDB file can be exported from the command line and from the context menu of a cloud node in the Node Network. https://planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=VDB_Export

Changed the 3D Preview's level-of-detail calculations for voxel buffers in clouds. It uses a view-dependent minimum voxel size so that clouds nearer the camera are more likely to be rendered with the highest voxel resolution provided by the cloud, while clouds further away are more likely to be approximated. There are two modes to this. The first pass of the RTP, and all passes of non-RTP previews, use a low-detail mode which is designed to be fast (fewer voxels need to be cached before you see results). Subsequent RTP passes use a higher detail mode which is closer to final renders but may take longer to cache voxels before you see the results.

Removed the "Acceleration cache" feature from cloud layers because it caused problems with consistency between image tiles.

Fixed a bug in planet atmosphere "Reset Tweaks" which set one of the colours to the wrong colour space. This only mattered if colour management was enabled, and only during the session (saved files were not affected).

Fractal Warp Shader has a seed parameter.

The Tonemap tab on Render Settings has 3 radio buttons to change the gamma correction mode: "sRGB", "sRGB with custom gamma" and "Pure gamma".
 - "sRGB": The sRGB standard OETF is applied. Compared to a pure gamma of 2.2, sRGB mode produces slightly darker values near black and slightly more contrast in the low-to-mid-range.
 - "sRGB with custom gamma": The behaviour is exactly the same as "sRGB" if the gamma correction parameter is 2.2, otherwise deviations from 2.2 are applied as a gamma correction before the sRGB standard OETF is applied.
 - "Pure gamma": Gamma correction is applied exactly as it was in previous versions.

Work-in-progress: "Replace with another object" is available in the Node Network's context menu for object readers and object generators. Undo is not working yet.

XML population caches: Population caches can be saved to (and loaded from) an XML-based format by choosing a filename with ".popxml" extension.

Prevented a crash that could occur in the Populator if it fails to read a population cache file.

Mac only: Performance should be greatly improved when dealing with any views containing a lot of controls, for example parameter views whether in standalone windows or the main window. It's much quicker to change between layout views or different nodes in the main window.

Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when loading heightfields, especially when loading multiple heightfields at the same time.

Fixed a bug in "Build HSV Colour" function: If the input colour had a saturation other than 1, its hue would be calculated incorrectly. If this hue was passed through to the output (while modifying saturation or value), the output would have the wrong hue.

Some changes to the how the Progress Dialog works to allow multi-threaded progress reports.

Low level optimisations in the renderer.

Optimisations in some noise functions.

Optimisations in Power Fractal Shader (which also affects Easy Cloud).

Made a change to low-level memory management of scenes and renderers to fix a possible instability.

Fixed a bug in in the Free Non-Commercial Edition that showed a warning about missing some data when a render is finishing.

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.