Terragen in Linux 2023- Bottles

Started by ares2101, January 15, 2023, 09:00:12 AM

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I've gotten Terragen running using Bottles, and it does seem to work well, but for one thing.  The node network looks wrong, too translucent and and kind of distorted. It's not a major deal, just makes it a little harder to read, but it would be nice to iron this out.  Not sure when this started being a problem, as I've hopped between Windows and Linux a fair bit during the last year, but it definitely wasn't always doing this.

I'm not getting any errors when I open Terragen, but I figure this is probably caused by some sort of missing dependency.  Any idea what might need tweaking to fix this?  I'm using KDE Neon, but have also seen this on Mint.node network visual glitch- Bottles.png


My nodes are a little messed up on this replacement PC, it's windows 11. No where as bad as yours, but weird lines across it and stuff.

Didn't notice this on my old PCs.


No one knows what might be causing this?  I could probably find a way to tweak the Bottle if I just knew what controlled the appearance of the node network.