AI Fight is going to Bleed Over

Started by WAS, March 18, 2023, 06:01:47 PM

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With interpretations like this, the copyright office opens itself up for lawsuits. Because a prompt in their interpretation would be no different then using Geometry Nodes for a lot of it's work, or Substance Designer, or even here with Terragen, where you only template an idea, and generate it at random, based on seeds, just like AI. Like in Terragen, having infinite worlds you just generate at random from seeds and populate at random, nothing there is something you actually authored. The application just spits it out.

They say the comic had no authorship, but was not only highly composed to get what they wanted, but then composited into frames, borders added, and then an entire authored story from a human applied over it. To then say it wasn't authored by a human, because illustration within the story, is a liability imo and it's people that don't know what they're talking about that are going to end up ruining things for more then just AI artists.


Interesting, and I see your point, but I also see theirs. It will probably evolve into a new set of rules in due time.....


Possibly these lawsuits will expose copyright problems that have always been there. In the music industry, there are plenty of examples of this. Songs that are very similar to others yet are just not the same, nor could they have been made without the "original" as an inspiration. Hotel California which is very similar to We Used to Know by Jethro Tull is a good example of that. In photography, there are beautiful pictures that would be much less beautiful if the subject was not so beautiful. Look at this photo by Tom Blachford from the Midnight Modern series. Blachford is clearly an outstanding photographer, and it was a golden idea to take a night shot of this building with a 1950s car in the foreground. But would this photo have been equally beautiful without the effort of the architect of the building and the designer of the car?


Jethro Tull is my idol, and now I can't unhear this. Thanks. Now Hotel California will never be the same haha.

This just came out of the woodwork too:

Pretty much puts Terragen Sky out of the job before it's released. Skies are non-issue for SD with right prompts. And this is wildly coherent for what they are doing. X.x

It's gonna be hard to even distinguish what is AI soon. And when it comes to trying to blame it's a rip of something, good luck. Haha people breaking SD code and samplers to make it reproduce stuff isn't end-use. Just exposes dataset issues.