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Started by Hannes, May 09, 2023, 06:10:53 AM

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Hi guys,
as you may have noticed I haven't posted anything for a while now.
After I had finished my "Silence of the lambs" renderings, there was no inspiration at all left.
I already wrote Ulco a PM about that, since he is one of my (if not THE) oldest companions here.

My original background is drawing. I don't remember a time in my childhood, when I didn't draw.
However, when I started to work with computer graphics, especially Terragen, I completely stopped drawing. I just didn't want to. I had no interest in it anymore for almost twenty years.
Recently I met with my daughter, who likes to draw and paint as well. She asked me, why I don't draw anymore, and I told her, that I had lost my passion for it, but the moment we were talking I felt a subtle drive to try it again. Which I did, and I loved it.

So I began to focus more and more on pencil and paper.
And the passion for Terragen silently went away. Maybe for some more reasons than just the lack of inspiration.
During the last few years I had the impression, that Terragen's development wasn't really going on. I'm aware, that Matt is working on a lot of stuff, but sadly Terragen Sky for example doesn't seem that interesting for me personally. I missed some really necessary beefy improvements in the main program. And I miss the active communication and interaction between staff and members (and testers!), that once made this forum so unique. Maybe the lack of it is one of the reasons, that the forum sometimes seems to be "dead" for days.
I know, there's the Dischord channel, but perhaps I'm too old for that. To me it doesn't have the "family"-feeling, that the original forum has.

So guys, I don't know, when (or if) I will do anything with Terragen in the future. Who knows...
I'll be here from time to time taking a look, what's happening.
Keep up the good work!!! I wish you all the best, forum companions and Planetside staff!!
Take care!!


P.S.: I'm writing it here in the Terragen Discussion thread, since it is Terragen related, I guess... ;-)


Sorry to hear you're leaving us (for now), but am glad to hear it's not for reasons of poor health.
I will miss your considered and constructive critique of my humble efforts.
When you say you are returning to drawing does that extend to painting, i.e. watercolour sketches?
And will you be drawing digitally, i.e. using a tablet with a drawing/painting program such as Krita. If so is there a
website where we can view your work?

Best regards
I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.


As I wrote to you personally, I am sad to see you go. But I very much understand (and underwrite) your reasons. I think we have a similar opinion about TG, and this forum.

We'll be in contact anyway, but I will miss your quirky renders, comments, discussions and the infinite fun we had :(


Thanks a lot for your nice words, guys!!
Schmeerlap, at the moment I'm not planning to do some digital art. It feels so good to create something just with a pencil and paper. I did some oil painting stuff in the past and a few very frustrating water color attempts. Right now I'm trying to improve my graphite pencil skills by learning some new tricks and methods. Maybe I'll try something more colorful in the future, but not now.
So, there is no website yet, where I uploaded my images. Since I restarted drawing I have only made seven images. I'll attach my latest one, just for you to see what I'm doing. So far I have only been drawing portraits (of nice (and sometimes funny) photographs I found online) only, to try these techniques I found. Making it as real as possible while keeping the look of a drawing is my goal.

As I wrote, I will be visiting this forum from time to time to see, what's going on. I had a great time here, and I will miss the comradery with you all very much.

Take care, guys!!!!! :) :) :)


Quote from: Dune on May 09, 2023, 11:35:46 AM...but I will miss your quirky renders, comments, discussions and the infinite fun we had :(
Oh yes!!!  Thank you, Ulco!!  ;D


Basil Fawlty wincing as Sybil harangues him for mentioning the war.  ;D
I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.



Stay in touch. And please let us know if you post more of your art online, as I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

I hope you'll come back to Terragen from time to time. (BTW, I think I've got a working fix the semi-transparent shadow bug that you reported. Yeah, my timing sucks!)
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Thanks a lot, Matt! Good to hear from you. Of course I will be here from time to time.
I'll see, if I will have enough drawings in the future to showcase. At the moment my family demands a lot of drawings as compensation for the last twenty years... ;D ;D ;D


...softly humming: "we`ll meet again, don`t know where - don`t know when. But we`ll meet again some sunny day!"

In times of energy crisis and what not it is a very wise decision to go analog / manual.
And the best thing about it is: you can do it ANYWHERE! Have phun. ;)

CHeers, Klaus

ps: just noticed I joined this forum officially in April, 2016. It`s been a nice time with lots of interesting work to look at over the years. But it is as it is. Getting older, changing priorities, changing interests. I`ll keep an eye out on this forum. Doesn`t hurt :)
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Thanks a lot, Klaus!!!  :) :) :)


Hannes you will be missed -
I for one, have looked to your TG work many times for inspiration and it's always buzzing with a unique creative passion. So I don't think you can really lose your passion, I think it's just been re-directed to another medium. Creating is either in your bones or it's not and based on your TG work and your latest passion post. I'm saying it's in your bones in spades. 😀

Best of luck and I hope you revisit often.
I've been kind of absent lately as well but I will visit and post as well. 

The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


Kind of hate to say goodbye, so I won't.
But you made some amazing stuff and I hope that drive and focus carries on with your drawing.
Thanks for everything Hannes!


Well drawing is good. I used to draw so much when I was younger. I lost the interest as well. Also my pinky knuckle was destroyed and is set back over an inch and it's really anxiety and panic inducing the feeling the nerves produce when set on paper for writing or drawing.

I've been absorbed into AI and haven't had any drive. Plus with my resources being packed up in a storage I can't access, kinda put a damper on things. I thought I had xfrog emails saved but guess not. Not being able to populate what I want and just fiddling with rocks is meh right now.

I really am addicted to making abstract stuff with AI. And considering I diffuse out 1080p images in like 7 seconds.... Lol


This is very cool. But 7 secs per pic..... your disks will be swamped in no time.