How could I create a 3d population?

Started by Entropy159, May 24, 2023, 02:17:48 PM

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I am trying to make a bunch of floating objects. I would like to use a population, but the problem with that is it's on a flat plane. I don't see a way to scatter them in all three dimensions. I've tried to use a plane with a large displacement but then it doesn't seem to populate it correctly.

Kevin Kipper

Hi Entropy159,

Does the plane itself appear to be displaced properly?  

In the Population node under the Anchor tab, be sure to select the "Sit on object" radio button and assign the displaced plane object to the input field. Then click the Populate Now button.

Also, be sure that the area of the population node encompasses the plane object. 

Can you upload some screen grabs of the problem?


The plane does not displace as it should. I have the power fractal displacement set to 1000, feature scale and lead-in scale both 10, with smallest scale 0.01. My theory is that would provide a lot of height randomness without visible hills. However, even with the displacement so high, the actual plane object looks almost flat:
I have the population set to settle on the plane, and it works fine except for how it's flat.


Never mind, just fixed it! Turns out I needed to set the displacement multiplier up to 1000 in the default shader.