Save tgo as obj or lwo fails

Started by Dune, July 18, 2023, 01:37:54 AM

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Saving a tgo as obj or lwo doesn't work properly. So I wonder why it is actually there? I suppose it's better to be greyed out as a potential future possibility, or deleted all together, as it's frustrating.
I need the obj writing possibility at the moment, but TG only writes one default material (from 10 or so), and all texture links are gone (and I don't know of any other app that could transfer a tgo into an obj) . Lwo is even worse, just a black hump remains, with no parts at all.
It would be great if a properly working obj saving possibility could be made (within a few weeks preferably :P  ), where at least the texture links are kept.

Kevin Kipper

Dune, I've added your request to our feature request to do list.