New to TerraGen

Started by SirRonmit, July 19, 2023, 03:16:24 PM

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Coming over from the old BRYCE PRO 7
Render times are FAST! (no network rendering in free version, but still under 3 mins for heavy renders).
Started looking into those awesome TerraGen YouTube for New Users Videos and those help a TON!

Hoping that TG allows self-created items like Bryce did which allows me to upload my own terrain, objects, etc.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated, too!!!

Tim N


Welcome to the forum. I hope you will get to grips with TG, as any start is difficult. If you have any specific questions, do ask them here.

And yes, TG can import terrains and objects (best are obj) made elsewhere. Imported obj's can be altered and completed with additional shaders within the object (+), and it's best to save them as TGO at a specific library location for easy use in later projects. A lot of folk use Gaea for terrains, but many can be made within TG as well. There's also an erosion plugin, which works great.

have fun!