Started by pixelpusher636, September 04, 2023, 03:32:07 PM

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Where do you even start to make clouds like Brendan Gully's Mangroves clouds?
I realize you veterans could go about it in multiple ways but what would be the most simplistic
way to achieve this?  

Clouds and various settings have always dumbfounded me, so I apologize if this is a no-brainer.
I thank you all in advance for any info you could provide. 

The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


Clouds are mostly lucky shots (so endlessly hitting seeds), but you do something to minimize  loose flurries by setting the noise variation to a small minus number, say -0.5--1 and experiment with variation and such. You can use the small topview box to see how noise behaves.
I would go about it like this, e.g. If you keep the amplitude small (= simple edges) you can vary the edges by using a surface shader with some degree of breakup (which only breaks up the grey areas). 
In this example I've also added a simple shape to contain the cloud, but it's perhaps not needed.


Interesting! Thanks Ulco, I am going to have a look at this. With your tips and file I should be able to 
Come up with something at some point. Clouds can be very tricky and this will be a huge help. 
The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


I've tried so many times over the years to make really cool clouds in Terragen, with little success.  I've tried Frank's methods, Luc's methods, TU's methods, Brendan's methods and others, and can never get consistently good results.  The best clouds I've ever been able to produce are from a thick Altocumulus Castellanus Easy Cloud, hitting the random seed until I find something I like.  That can produce a large thick cloud, but the massive tall ones still elude me.  If you figure it out I'd love to hear about it  ;D

Here's a file with the cloud from the last image I posted.


That's a cool cloud!