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Started by Balletdude, October 09, 2023, 11:52:56 AM

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Not been very active, as I wasn't sure where to post in. the discord.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed as being autistic, which I've been slowly processing.
I've also started creating pet portraits using coloured pencils.
This is a commission I'm working on. Please don't share it anywhere as it's a secret commission so don't want it on general social media


That is absolutely great. Very realistic and vibrant. The client should be very pleased.
Autistic is too bad, but usually those who adopt such are really clever people. I hope you get along with it just fine.


That is a marvelous image!


That's a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing it here! I hope the diagnosis helps you to understand yourself better and gives you more tools to deal with the crazy world we live in.
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