Terragen 4.7.08.frontier

Started by Matt, October 20, 2023, 01:33:05 PM

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This is a new Frontier build of Terragen 4.7 for the Professional Edition and Creative Edition.

If you have an active license of Terragen 4 Professional or Creative, use the Check for Updates feature in the application to get links to the latest 4.7 builds.

Here's the change log:

QuoteBuild 4.7.08 (Frontier Build)

Radiance HDR: Images can be saved in the Radiance HDR (.hdr) format in the Professional Edition and Creative Edition.

EXR in Creative: Images and heightfields can be saved to EXR files in the Creative Edition as well as the Professional Edition.

Multi-channel EXR: You can choose to embed extra output images into the main output as a multi-channel EXR. This includes the full set of Render Elements in the Professional Edition and the tgAlpha element in the Creative Edition. Options include regular Multi-Layer EXR and Multi-Part EXR.

Added "Set all objects to hidden" to the action menu of the Objects Node List.
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


I'm very excited about the new multi-channel EXR capabilities. But how do I get it to work, and what are the limitations? Like, I have a scene with several types of foliage: trees, bushes, grass, etc., and I need to create an alpha for each. The method I've been using is to render out a separate pass for each of the elements. Can all these passes be embedded now? I've tried a simple test with a render layer node assigned (visible foliage, holdout for the rest). But it didn't seem to work. Also, I didn't see any documentation on this new function.



Terragen's multi-layer and multi-part EXRs can be used to store Render Elements in one file instead of many. But it only applies to Render Elements, i.e. anything that can be output from a single render:


Anything that requires a separate Render Layer (eg. to show or hide different objects) still requires each layer to be rendered separately.
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.