Can someone convert a lovely bamboo for TG?

Started by WAS, May 19, 2018, 02:10:02 PM

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I found this lovely Bamboo, but unfortunately it's formats are in C4D and 3DS. I do not own 3DS, and the C4D I was gifted is ancient (R11), and the installer doesn't work when ripped form disc and put on USB which was fun to find out considering the trip to the library and all to transfer.

Would someone be kind enough to convert this for me in private (not sure the license would allow a repost?)?




I converted the Plant and you may download it if you like.
Do it soon, from time to time, I will cleanup my server...

SCREENSHOT - Source.jpg
Source + Post,24496.msg248911.html#msg248911

True Scale 1x1 Meter + Bambus 3.0 Meter.jpg 
TRUE SCALE RENDERING,26585.msg265073.html#msg265073

Download link

Rendering + TGD + TGO + OBJ + MAX-FILE (3dsmax 2009) as well as the maps are included in the zip