tgdcli batch options to append camera/renderNode

Started by shangu, November 15, 2023, 07:51:36 AM

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wondering how to build the tgdcli.exe Command Line Batch, the outdir folder is not optional and as the camera

from UI perspective got in rendererNode output


from batch perspective got option -o only,  overiding the renderNode Name  but  no %camera% or %renderernode% or %outdir%
How to append the TGDNAME such as in UI but for a batch perspective ?

currently doing
 .\tgdcli.exe  -p <tgd_file>  -o <TGDNAME>.%04d. -hide -exit -r -f <start>-<end>

any idea ?


Oops sorry i can fix the -rendernode <nodename> but not cameraname
I am ok with that last option