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Started by Stormlord, November 23, 2023, 04:34:46 AM

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Recently Planetside has released a new price police.
I'm currently working with TG 4.1.25 Professional and ask myself if I should renew my maintenance to do an update to the latest version?

What is your opinion, should I wait until a brand new TG 5.0 will be released or should I update now?

A strong argument for it could be render times ?
But does somebody how much faster the current version is than my older 4.12 ?
Maybe this helps me to decide if I renew my maintenance now...



Can't hardly remember what 4.1.xx supported but render times probably won't be a lot better, maybe slightly only.
But a few things certainly have changed, RTP is more reliable, new VDB cloud export, Path tracer engine (which could be a reason on its own, not sure it was in 4.1).
I hope there were more things worth mentioning (to me personally) but you'll certainly be going to like a few things, I know I do.


Yes.... The Path tracer would be an argument!
Can you say something regarding the RTP?

Does RTP using your graphic card to accelerate?
I have a RTX 3080, which is a pretty fast graphic card.



No, there's no GPU acceleration in TG as of now (that I know of). The 3080 won't help much with anything yet.

RTP is just a bit more reliable, terrain has a new HQ mode to tesselate more allowing for a better terrain preview mesh, cloud voxel lighting/GI preview slightly more accurate, and it can render with the path tracing engine if needed.


I was a little bit surprised after testing the free trial 4.7.15 compared with my last version 4.1.25.
The render times improved a lot !!! Nearly approximately 30% faster! Just WOW!!!

With the current version, a Testscene took only 7 Minutes 57 seconds, while the same scene rendered with my older Terragen 4.1.25 took 11 Minutes 19 Seconds.

Terragen Testszene - Terragen 4.1.25 - 11 Minuten 19 Sekunden.jpg
Testszene with Terragen 4.1.25
11 minutes 19 seconds

Terragen Testszene - Terragen 4.7.15 - 7 Minuten 57 Sekunden.jpg
Testszene with Terragen 4.7.25
7 minutes 57 seconds

I really think about renewing my maintenance.
There is only one thing that let me stumble...
How can I cancel a purchased subscription?
I just want to have the updated version, I don't want to subscribe for a long term service contract.

How do you handle it?


Kevin Kipper

Hi Stormlord,

Please contact us at support@planetside.co.uk with the name/username and email address that your maintenance subscription is under and we'll be happy to look it up and provide you with a path to renew your maintenance.