UV plants

Started by manleystanley, December 24, 2006, 02:47:09 PM

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I'm working up a pack of ground cover plants for Tg2. They are made with Plant studio, and I have to filter them through Hex 2 for TG2 to load them; well render them with out a crash. ;)  I was just wondering if UVmapping the plants would be necessary? I can do it, just adds some time to processing, but is it necessary for ground cover plants? And how detailed do you think the textures need be?
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What i used to do in xfrog is i would take my genetica textures and just map them using x to y repeat mapping and my vegitation would always look good. I would use 1024 by 1024 size texture maps and atleast to me everything would look nice, even in close up view. Then using a bump map would add the needed depth for the bark and leaves or whatever else needs a bump map.

I figured sense terragen 2 does the whole x and y repeats for importing image data one can do the exact same thing here so UV i would think is not really needed.