Adobe CS 5 can't load TG 4.7.15 TIF-Files bigger than 5000x5000 in 16-Bit (LZW)

Started by Stormlord, December 07, 2023, 11:34:24 AM

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Recently I rendered a Poster of our Earth, which is 5000x5000 in Terragen 4.1.12.
TG automatically saved the rendering as programmed as a 16-Bit TIF File with LZW compression.

I tried loading the rendering with Adobe CS 5 but Photoshop can't load the image!
(Normally I render images in 4K resolution (-> 3840x2160) and never ran into a problem...)

Even GIMP was unable to load the file.
The GIMP developer 2.99 version finally did the job, so I loaded the  rendering and saved it again.
The image itself was blameless, only loading was cancelled in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and GIMP 2.1.
After I saved it another time with GIMP Developper 2.99, Adobe CS 5 was able to load the image properly.

I tried it with the latest version of Terragen 4.7.15.
Same problem... it seems to be a bug!
5K Test Rendering, saved as TIF File with 16-Bit and LZW compression.jpg
Testscene, rendered in 5K with TG 4.7.15

5K Test Rendering, trying to load in CS 5.jpg
Trying to load the image failed in Adobe CS 5

The german error message translated...
Error, could not load image, you have not enough RAM installed

By the way, I have 128GB RAM !
So RAM isn't the problem

-> If I render a picture in 5K or bigger, I save the rendering not with LZW-compression!
Saving an uncompressed TIF in 16-Bit works!

(Original Test scene and rendered TIF image attached + Bonus, the rendered Poster of Planet Earth in 5K)


I once had the same issue with a saved 16bit BIG render, and I have 64 gigs, even 80% or so dedicated to PS 6. I was pissed off, but luckily I always have the autosave folder where every render is saved as 8-bit.
I don't think 16-bit saving is usually useful, not for my work anyway.


Just tested with a newer PS version (CC v24) and it opens fine, no problems.
I always use 16 bits and never had problems in PS, big resolutions out of TG work fine here. FWIW, I know of another application where developers insist on doing everything right with how their save TIFs, yet PS will not open 16-bit TIFs out of this app if the file contains an alpha channel...


Yeah... my workaround is to save the rendering in 16-Bit as tif-file, but with no compression!
Then it is no problem to load the picture normally in Adobe Photoshop.

What I really can recommend is to get the developper edition from GIMP.
It has now also supprt for BIG-Tif files inside. Very good for e.g. high res NASA maps...
This version can be also sometimes really helpful. In my case, I was able to load my miserable fif file and save it again.

I always keep the final 16-Bit TIF version, but save it again with Adobe Photshop.
It always shrink a little bit the filesize. In 4K from something around 60 MB down to 50-55 MB.