TRACES video featuring Terragen skies

Started by TerraGianca, December 03, 2023, 05:39:19 PM

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I just finished this video: it is mostly done in Unreal 5.3, but all the skies are made in Terragen 4.

For the last shot, I used a new workflow: I started in Terragen Sky to get some interesting cloud formations, then imported these in my Terragen project.
That allowed me to quickly iterate through different cloud looks, and retain some very much-needed rendering performance.

The first and last shots were rendered at HD resolution, and then upscaled and denoised with Topaz Video AI.
The last shot needed two iterations to get it clean.

One thing I could not make it work is OCIO: I use the Maya 2022 OCIO config which is ACES v2, and that config works for everything across the board (including Adobe!), but Terragen chokes on it... Very unfortunate as it was laborious to get the renders to look they look now in my video: rendering in ACEScg would have made it a lot easier.
I know I could switch back to ACES 1.2, which I think works with Terragen 4.7, but I was juggling a lot a different software packages that require ACES 2 and I did not want to rock the boat as it took days to render these shots on my machine.


That is extremely cool! I love it; the images, the calm, the message, and the music. Great video!

There was a thing with youtube though, I guess it's not part of the video; the color shift. I don't know why that is. I'll try it again another time.

Thanks for posting this.


Thank you Dune! I really appreciate your comments, especially from a terragen superstar like you. :)
Your posts here did help me a lot to get where I'm at with my Terragen skills.

Not sure why you got such a bad quality video: make sure you set your quality to the highest before playing.
As an alternative you can also watch it on my Vimeo channel:

FYI this video have been mastered at 4k with the highest audio quality. 
If you can, watch it on a big screen with volume all the way up to 11 on a good system with decent bass response. I went Zimmer with it... 
(Not responsible for neighbors nor spouses complaints thought)


Thank you! And you're most welcome. I downloaded a version off your vimeo, will look at it with your recommendations...


Hi Giancarlo! Great work, and thanks for posting it here!
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Praises from Mighty Matt himself: that made my day!

Thank you, and, of course! 
I *had* to give back to the forum.