GI_CACHE file path option for batch rendering ?

Started by shangu, December 13, 2023, 11:10:03 AM

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I would like to point the GI_CACHE folder with an option to specifify the path because it is initially relative to the scene.
I render on a Batch Farm with a scene copied elsewhere  but tgdcli.exe is searching locall to this new copiedpath and doesn't find the GI_CACHE folder.

Do you know if i can set a full path in the GI_CACHE path option ? 
if not
Do you know if i can set an option on cmds like -gi_folder <mypath> 

thanks guillaume


You can enter an absolute path into the text field.

When you use a file dialog, Terragen detects when the path is within the same folder as the project file and removes the first part of the path so that it stores a relative path. However, if you directly type or paste into the text field yourself, it keeps whatever you type in. This can be an absolute path (full path).
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