Improving Performance in Linux

Started by ares2101, December 24, 2023, 11:25:57 AM

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I'm experimenting with Linux again and decided to compare Terragen performance in a Windows VM versus using Bottles to run it in Linux itself.  

Good News: TG4 seems to actually run just fine currently.  It looks alright and I can use it.

Bad News: As you can see in the two test renders, the default file with my personal Quick Render settings has drastically different results.  Running it in a Windows VM takes roughly 1/4 the time, despite that VM being allotted only half my system's RAM (16 GB) and Cores (12).

My question is this: What might explain this and how might it be adjusted for?  Could Terragen be reliant on some missing dependency yet not try to install it if it's not already there?  I get very good performance running games under Steam and Lutris, so I find a render time gap this big to be very puzzling.  

I'd like to phase out having to use the Windows VM, but Terragen has long been a loose end for that.