GI cache passe and render cmds

Started by shangu, January 27, 2024, 08:48:26 AM

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Just a suggestion when precomputing GI cache ( essentially to stabilize clouds ) for animation.

Is it possible to with a render command line option to precompute GI prior to rendering? -gicache ?
best would be to generate and reuse like a -precache option or using a 2 stage command -g_write and -gi_read on another cmds.

For the moment i have to modify the main scene render gi_cache to write in globals then compute en farm then reopen the main scene to switch to read mode on a gi cache folder.


Kevin Kipper

Hi Shangu,

What I've been doing lately is to set up two render nodes for a given project file. One renderer is for creating the GI cache files, and the second renderer is for rendering the beauty pass which uses the GI cache files.  I manually render the first GI cache file, which only takes seconds, so that it's been saved and can be assigned to "read gi cache" settings for the beauty pass render node.  Then I submit the project to render using the renderer for the GI cache files.  When that's complete, I send off the beauty pass render.

If you have a render controller like Deadline, you can submit projects in this manner, and instruct Deadline not to render the beauty pass until the GI cache render is complete.  If you're creating a batch file for command line rendering, you need only to have the command line instructions to render the GI cache render first, and the command line instructions for the beauty pass render on the next line.  You can specify which renderer to use for the command line render process.



Thanks , i did such pre rendering manually.
Unfortunately it is not smart to redirect one rendering to another because our farm generate encrypted folder when launching tasks ( sorry design firm have some drastic confidentially process ) also task can be fair used and reprioritize any time ... 
We have our own renderFarm and home made scheduler for various task but, no parent/children tasks from one rendering to another rendering.

Gi cache is usefull for Clouds, i did not encounter big advantage in other situation.
We have massive GPU farms since 10 years, so GPU Clouds computation could be a good way , but flickering no sure  ? wait for the future