Licensing at home and at work

Started by robk2024, January 02, 2024, 11:39:41 AM

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Just new to Terragen
Question on Licensing (indie 50):
Probably been answered before but i couldn't find it in a search.
I work from the Office and from Home just about in a 50/50 split.  Do I have to somehow deactivate my home install in order to use Terragen from work? Or is this even possible.  I have activated Terragen on my home computer so is it stuck on that computer forever?

Kevin Kipper

Hi robk2024,

Thanks for your inquiry.  No, you don't have to deactivate your home install in order to use Terragen at work.  You're free to install the software and license on both of your machines. The limitation is that you can only use one interactive GUI license at a time. 


OK great.  Works like most of the software I have then.  Thanks for the Prompt reply.