Oh look

Started by Doug, January 28, 2024, 09:24:32 AM

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working on Rocks
i finally got the ground to have texture


Looks good so far, great DOF!

Very natural ground cover... but....
I can't really recognize it so good, can it be, that the distribution area of the grass is too small?
I cannot see any grass clumps in the further distance. There should be some green spots at least visible.




can you see the Space Men in front of the rock?


Yep, I see them, Doug. They must have teleported down with the controls set to Lilliputian dimension, and they've cleverly adopted a rocky texture to blend in with the rocks. I have noticed that in previous posts you didn't have much pancake effect on your fake stones. these look much better, and are nicely textured.
Like it.
I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.