node links change unwantedly

Started by Dune, January 21, 2024, 01:57:17 AM

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I've mentioned this before years ago, and it's probably a feature request, but I'd like to call it to attention again. Yesterday I wondered what the arrow was that suddenly hung under a transform shader (having to do with fake stones). I couldn't remember linking it to any (containered) node, and it wouldn't be logical. There were hundreds of nodes, and I didn't want to check all, so I forgot about it. Rendered my final. Then I saw that a population of people were all black. Checking the object I saw that the transform shader had hooked to the color input and let loose the other one, which was the original.
Same name. Btw, the name on the screendump was changed afterwards, it was the same as the transform shader inside the object.
I try to make a habit of renaming every single node, but apparently forgot one. Mmmm.

So, again; it would be very good if we could see where an arrow points at (by hovering over it, e.g.).

And a warning; rename nodes! Unless you don't work with containers.