Scene display error

Started by EduardoFeil, February 23, 2024, 04:02:17 AM

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I have just upgraded to Terragen 4 and I am trying to render a scene with a large population of trees. However, I am getting an error message when I try to render the scene. The error says "Out of memory. Unable to allocate memory for instancing. Try reducing the number of instances or the size of the instancing cache." I have checked the instancing cache settings and they are set to the recommended values. I have also tried to reduce the number of instances, but the scene looks too sparse. Do I need to increase the memory of my computer or change any other settings?


So, what memory do you have? A minimum would be 32gigs I'd say. And how large is your population? If you try to cover 10k with trees 2m apart, you'd likely get in trouble with meagre memory, especially with heavy (MB) trees. So it's wise to place the population area smart, the area starting in front of the camera, so no or a few trees will be instanced behind the camera. And perhaps use lowpoly trees for really distant woods, or less dense. Like this very simple setup.
It is also good to restart Terragen after a lot of trials of terrain or so, so the cache will be emptied.