How to Scale and Rotate with Functions?

Started by WAS, April 22, 2021, 03:48:28 PM

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Howdy doody! I have a question for the math wizards of the Terragen community!

I know how to translate with functions (constant displacement warping on Z, Y, or Z), but how can I scale something with a scalar based function? And how can I rotate with scalar based functions?

Scalar based as in can define the scale/rotation with scalars.

I really do hope Matt can add a updates Transform Input/Merge shader that can accept a vector for translate, rotate, and scale. This would be so amazing. Would be super easy to add a Constant Vector with any settings you want, and also dissect the vector to modulate it any way you need.


So I found this wiki which seems to have what i need for scaling but unsure how to translate it.



Yeah that looks to be. I just not sure how to translate these to functions, or if there is missing logic making it not possible.