Reseting your orgin

Started by BPauba, January 03, 2007, 03:36:12 pm

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This might be somewhat hard to understand, but I will explain it the best I can! Is there anyway the user can reset the xyz orgin to the camera's position?(meaning that the new orgin [0,0,0] would be the center of the camera) OR is there anyway to easily tell populations and objects to snap to the camera coordinates? I am having trouble placing populations because of the placement system. Even when i pull up the camera window to copy and paste the coordinates I have trouble getting populations to appear.


I do not know if the right people saw this thread, and it is a somewhat important question for me, so I am going to bump this ( i hope no one gets mad). If there is no way of resetting your orgin (for the xyz plane) then there should be a way, it would be very useful especially in procedural terrain creation


There is no easy way to do that right now. You can move the planet to another location, but because most shaders operate in world space everything would change, and you would need to move any other objects in the scene too.
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Fair enough, thank you matt.